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Name Position Phone
Albrand, SandyAlbrand, Sandy Librarian 812-663-4204
Banks, CodyBanks, Cody Mathematics and Science 812-663-4204
Borns, AmyBorns, Amy Technology Integration Specialist 812-663-4204
Bryant, AmyBryant, Amy Family and Consumer Science 812-663-4204
Bryant, BradBryant, Brad English 812-663-4204
Burkett, KelseyBurkett, Kelsey Family and Consumer Science 812-663-4204
Burry, MarkBurry, Mark Science 812-663-4204
Chandler, Dana Fine Arts 812-663-4204
Chase, FredChase, Fred Mathematics - Dept. Chair 812-663-4204
Crossley, JacobCrossley, Jacob Fine Arts 812-663-4204
Daugherty, SaraDaugherty, Sara Special Education 812-663-4204
Espinda, DavidEspinda, David Mathematics 812-663-4204
Fee, ErinFee, Erin Mathematics 812-663-4204
Fry, ElizabethFry, Elizabeth Agriculture and Science 812-663-4204
Giesting, SamanthaGiesting, Samantha English 812-663-4204
Hacker, AlishaHacker, Alisha Special Education 812-663-4204
Hellmich, Abby English 812-663-4204
Hitchell-Krammes, LoriHitchell-Krammes, Lori Special Education 812-663-4204
Ingmire, BrianIngmire, Brian Science 812-663-4204
Johnson, ScottJohnson, Scott Agriculture - Dept. Chair 812-663-4204
Kirchoff, JulieKirchoff, Julie English 812-663-4204
Litmer, BetsyLitmer, Betsy Social Studies - Dept. Chair 812-663-4204
Metz, PJMetz, PJ Social Studies 812-663-4204
Miller, JadeMiller, Jade Special Education 812-663-4204
Morris, BreannaMorris, Breanna Special Education 812-663-4204
Nobbe, KyleNobbe, Kyle Physical Education 812-663-4204
O'Shaughnessy, CourtneyO'Shaughnessy, Courtney Foreign Language 812-663-4204
Parmer, AngieParmer, Angie Mathematics and Science - Dept. Chair 812-663-4204
Ping, MarciPing, Marci Fine Arts 812-663-4204
Record, JulieRecord, Julie Physical Education - Dept. Chair 812-663-4204
Reed, BrendaReed, Brenda Mathematics 812-663-4204
Robbins, JenniferRobbins, Jennifer Foreign Language 812-663-4204
Ruble, ErnieRuble, Ernie Social Studies 812-663-4204
Russell, MichelleRussell, Michelle Special Education - Dept. Chair 812-663-4204
Sauley, GarrySauley, Garry Physical Education 812-663-4204
Slaughter, Kelsey Special Education 812-663-4204
Stirn, SteveStirn, Steve Science and Social Studies 812-663-4204
Stokes, MikeStokes, Mike Computer Technology 812-663-4204
Stotts, ShirleyStotts, Shirley English - Dept. Chair 812-663-4204
Thackery, PamThackery, Pam English and Foreign Language 812-663-4204
Tomson, BethTomson, Beth Science 812-663-4204
Trenkamp, JenelleTrenkamp, Jenelle Special Education 812-663-4204
Wenning, LindsayWenning, Lindsay Special Education 812-663-4204
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