Guidance Links

  • FAFSA -
  • SAT -
  • ACT -
  • NCAA -
  • FastWeb (Scholarships)
  • Varsity Learning Tools is a free digital platform that offers help with studying for the SAT and ACT. From rational equations with binomial denominators to relative pronoun usage errors, students using Varsity Learning Tools can study the entire ACT or SAT – or just a single concept – all for free at home online. For SAT help, click here. For ACT help, click here.
  • College Profiles -
    ISM College Planning is a free resource for students and parents looking for help with college planning and financial aid. At ISM College Planning, they help families understand how to wisely fund college to get the education they need without unnecessary debt. -
  • Online Colleges and Degree Programs in Indiana -
  • Careers in Healthcare - this site is a free resource that allows students to explore careers in dentistry, nursing, veterinary medicine and a bunch of other medical & health areas.
  • TryEngineering - great site for students, parents and guidance counselors to explore engineering careers. Has info on how you can get involved with internships and competitions, as well as a college search feature.
  • Accounting Career Guide - this is a free beginner's accounting career guide that has useful info on how to become an accountant and lists top accounting schools & scholarship opportunities.
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