We are deeply focused on 21st century academics. South Decatur offers a wide selection of curricular options for students, including advanced placement courses, dual credit courses, business and technology courses, vocational training, fine arts, and much more!

College and Career Pathways

Our College and Career Pathways help guide students in choosing courses that will propel them toward a specific career or degree studies. Students may choose to earn either a Core40 diploma (which satisfies all basic college admission requirements) or an Honors diploma in each pathway. Each College and Career Pathway gives specific course suggestions based on student goals and may include AP and/or dual-credit course options or vocational classes. Specifically, South Decatur offers pathways in:

Architecture and Construction
Arts and Communication
Business and Marketing
Education and Training
Health Sciences
Human Services
Information Technology
Public Safety

Advanced Placement and Dual Credit

Most of our AP and dual-credit courses are only open to high school juniors and seniors. These advanced classes correspond with the “gen-ed” classes students take their first year in college. Taking them now not only saves time but also money, as our courses have only a minimal fee associated with them. See your guidance counselor for more information.

C4 Career and Technical Education

We also offer Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses through Columbus Area Career Connection (C4). Eleventh and twelfth grade students interested in a CTE pathway, who have established satisfactory attendance, discipline, and academic records at South Decatur, may attend C4 for training in a variety of vocational areas.